Benefits of Membership

Annual Dues
-   Individual Chapter Membership  $20 per calendar year  (one Vote)
-   Family Chapter Membership $7 per calendar year per member (effective 1-1-2016)  (no vote)
-   Corporate Chapter Membership  $150 per calendar year  (one Vote)

Individual Membership
-     You will the Railway Post Office every other month, the Official Publication of the Twin Forks Chapter.  
-     You will receive discounts on trips and merchandise (when available).

-     You will be preserving a piece of history for future generations.

The Annual dues DOES NOT include membership in the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS). You can sign up for the NRHS through our chapter. We encourage all chapter members to join our national organization.

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Open hours:
We are open most Saturdays from 11am-5pm. Contact us for more information.

Our railroad equipment is located in Riverhead, NY, in the yard behind the train station.


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