Photo Gallery

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Here are C-63 and C-64 before they were repainted

Here are C-63 and C-64 as they look fresh after painting before receiving their lettering

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Who doesn't like night shots? night photography session with the two cabooses.


Riverhead Yard


Another volunteer is installing one of those new windows. These windows were put in to improve the lighting inside our ex Boston and Maine car.

The B&M car having its brakes tested for the first time since at least 2006. No holes in the system!


The first coat of "Safety Red" has been applied to 13388. The closest shad of red to MPs caboose red is known today as "Safety Red."


Here are 13388 and 13456 after receiving a coat of paint. We think they look much better now then they did. We left that unpainted patch on 13456 and so that we can measure the size of the logo outline that is still visible.


The day finally came to put the lettering on C-63 and C-64. A few volunteers went out and got it done!


We applied a "We serve with Pride" logo on C-64 because we thought it really fit with the Yellow and Blue. The saying around Twin Forks is that we "Preserve with Pride." 


After Lettering and Numbering was applied, we can finally say that both our former Long Island cabooses finally have their respective identities back.


The B&M car needed a bath. After the lettering was applied to C-63 and C-64, we power washed 4590 to get rid of the grime that was on the side of the car, along with any loose paint.

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The first cuts being made to 4590. You can see the trap steps literally hanging off the car. This work was started and able to happen because of a Grant from the National NRHS and donations of steel from Tibbens Steel in Calverton!


You can see how bad the rot was, particularly under the Women's bathroom.


After a few days of cutting and grinding down rivets, we finally had the entire bottom of the car open to inspect.

20201101_142543 (1).jpg

Here is all the cutting we did on the side of the car.


Next up: Removing the Southwest trap. This trap had literally almost rotted off the car, so we figured wed address that one first


Here's what it looks like after we removed the trap. You can see all of the rotted metal still attached to the trap.


Not only did we remove the trap, but we cleaned it up as well. We took off all of the rotted metal off of it, we also painted it up!


And now the rebuild begins! The first new pieces of steel going up!


And the trap area is rebuilt.


Finally, it was time to put the trap steps back up.


Because it was so heavy, we had two teams, one team did the lifting, the other put the bolts in to hold the trap up. It took every ounce of energy everyone had(And their strong backs) but we did it!


With the trap reinstalled, work can progress along the side of the car.


And work does progress! Within two weeks(3 workdays), we make it about half way down the car.


Even the snow didn't stop us! After a couple weeks(And some snow), we finally finish putting up the new horizonal beams on the car! Some adjustments still need to be made to one of them, but that can easily be done. Now, we start prepping for the reattachment of some of the vertical support beams.


And the Vertical beams start going up.