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Here are C-63 and C-64 as they look before receiving their lettering

It may not seem like much, but this is what got us started. One day, one of our volunteers said "Lets pump air into C-63 and see what happens" and that is just what we did. We expected there to be holes in the lines but oddly enough there weren't any. We decided to press our luck and pump the air into C-64s lines as well. We were in awe as both cabooses held up to 100 lbs of air and no holes! We released the brakes and reapplied them and they were flawless! That proved to us that these two cabooses were in excellent condition!

After the exterior painting was done on both cabooses, we worked on getting the water to work in the cabooses. When we first turned on the water, we were very excited as one could imagine. This video is of the first drops of water coming out of the faucet, and as the water tank was being filled.

Once the water was done, we turned our attention to the lighting. This is the interior of C-63. The caboose is lit up!

Riverhead Yard

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Our railroad equipment is located in Riverhead, NY, in the yard behind the train station.


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