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Canadian National Fairmont  MT-14 Speeder

Our Canadian National MT-14 Speeder was build by Fairmont in 1985 as their 55666. It is equipped with an Onan engine and its top speed is about 40 Miles per Hour depending on track conditions. This particular speeder or "Section car" as they were called on the CN, was assigned to Canadian Nationals Rocky Mountain Division where it was used for Track Inspection and to check for land slides and snow drifts in the Canadian Rockies. Canadian National sold 55666 in the early 1990's to an equipment dealer in Alberta. In the Mid 1990's, it was sold it to our former President, Rich Gorddard. After he purchased it, it was shipped down to Long Island in a box truck. Rich ran it on the D&H Adirondack branch, the Delaware and Ulster and many other lines throughout Upstate New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. After Rich was done with it, he sold it to  Twin Forks in 2022. It is operational and requires a little bit of cosmetic work.

speeder 175.jpg

Here is Rich posing with 55666 in Arkville, NY on the Ulster and Delaware Railroad.

In late April of 2022, our 55666 was running for the first time in over 5 years! The video above shows the first moments of the wheels turning since at least 2016.

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