Long Island Rail Road

Jordan Spreader W-93

Jordan Spreader W-93 was built for the Long Island Rail Road in 1948 with road number 437499 for East end plow and Maintenance of Way service. It was in service for about 50 years. before it was retired and after sitting in storage in Speonk, NY. LIRR donated it to Twin Forks in 2001.


Our Collection:

LIRR Caboose C-60

LIRR Caboose C-63

LIRR Caboose C-64

B&M Osgood Bradley Coach 4590

MP Caboose 13388

MP Caboose 13456

P&LE Boxcar 35624


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Our railroad equipment is located in Riverhead, NY, In the West end of the LIRR yard behind the train station.


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