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Pittsburgh & Lake Erie No. 25624

This boxcar has an interesting heritage. The car was originally built as a 40 ft boxcar for the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad. At some point in the 1960's, it went through a rebuilding program and the P&LE cut it in half and added a 10 foot extension in the center. During rebuild, the inside lining was updated to steel and plywood and a new larger door was added.

Prior to outshopping, the boxcar was painted in P&LEs version of "Jade Green" and was renumbered 25624.

Shortly after it's rebuild, the 25624 was sent out west and placed into grain service. By the late 1970’s, the Interstate Commerce Commission passed a law that all grain must be shipped in steel center flow hoppers, so the P&LE suddenly had excess boxcar. 25624 was repainted Box Car Brown and sold to the Youngstown and Southern railroad and it was renumbered 4236.

In 1988, the boxcar was sold by the Y&S to Fred Cowan and he used it for storage at his business. The land where this car was sitting was sold to Fisher Industries in October of 2018 and the boxcar was donated to Twin Forks in July of 2019. In November of 2021, 25624, along with the two MP cabooses were moved to Riverhead Yard to join the rest of our collection. You can read about what we had do to move them here. It is currently being used to store parts for our equipment.

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