C-63 is a class N22B style bay window caboose. It was built in 1963 by the International Car company for the Long Island Rail Road. Features inside this caboose included Hot water, a kerosene stove, and electric provided by either a wayside connection, or a battery inside the caboose. it was rebuilt in the 1970's and was finally retired in the early 1990's. After retirement, it sat in Dunkirk yard and was heavily vandalized. C-63 and sister C-64 were graffitied and broken into on numerous occasions and most copper piping was taken out of both cars. In 2003, The Long Island Rail Road donated C-63 along with C-64 and a flat car. The three cars were brought to Riverhead where they have sat since. The exterior of both C-63 and C-64 were painted. C-63 was used as a display car to show the public what a Long Island Rail Road caboose was like pre-retirement. It was also used to store the chapters merchandise.  In the past year, C-63 has gone through a huge transformation. The caboose has received all new piping for the water, and the sink turns on for the first time in 20+ years. The stove is now operational, and the electrical works once again. Both C-63 and C-64 have been painted into the Long Islands Yellow and Blue paint scheme.

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Our railroad equipment is located in Riverhead, NY, in the yard behind the train station.


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