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Long Island Rail Road
P72 No. 2935 

Former Long Island Rail Road P72 No. 2935 is one of an order of 55 steam hauled coaches. They would have a long lasting career on Long Island and would become synonymous with Railroad travel on Long Island for nearly 50 years. This particular car was built by the Pullman Standard Company in 1955. It was built with steam heat and batteries to power the lighting. In the 1970's, the P72s were rebuilt with generators to power the heating, lighting and air conditioning. They were completely self sufficient and any locomotive could pull them. In the 1980's, they were again rebuilt into their current configuration. By the mid 1990's, the entire fleet of P72s was getting tired and needed to be replaced. 2935 would be donated to the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum in 2000. No. 2935 along with sister No. 2956 would be stored at various locations around the Long Island System in Nassau County and Queens before making their way out to Riverhead where they sit today. In 2021, realizing that they don't have the room in their yard for the cars, OBRM generously donated the two iconic cars to Twin Forks.

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