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Missouri Pacific No. 13456

Missouri Pacific 13456 was built in 1950 as number 1191 at Missouri Pacific's Sedalia Shops using an old Boxcar frame and trucks. In the late 1960's, the Missouri Pacific was doing a caboose rebuilding program. Old cabooses had their inside walls replaced and they received antennas along with a number of other updates including renumbering. No. 1191 was rebuilt in 1968 and renumbered 13456.  As the "Flashing Rear End Device" known, also known as a "F.R.E.D," was being phased in on railroads, less cabooses were needed.  The Missouri Pacific Retired 13456 from service in March of 1981.  The caboose was then sold to National Tubs Works in Mckeesport, PA, where it was painted dark red.  When National Tub Works was liquidating assets, Fred Cowan contacted them and inquired about the two cabooses.


They were given to Mr.Cowan for the price of shipping them to Riverhead, NY and they arrived on his property in the late 1980's and were to be used as showcases for Cowans pipe fitting products. He renumbered MP 13456 to Number 52346 after his sons birthday. Contrary to popular belief, the interlaced "FC" logo does not stand for the Fulton County Railroad, it is actually Fred Cowans initials.  The show-car idea did not pan out, so the caboose was used for storage instead. In October of 2018, the land was sold to Fisher Industries along with this caboose.

Mr. Frank Fisher donated Former Missouri Pacific No. 13456, along with 13388 and a former P&LE boxcar to Twin Forks in July of 2019. In November of 2021, the three cars were moved to Riverhead Yard to join the rest of our collection. You can read about what we had do to move them here. We plan to stabilize and cosmetically restore this caboose for the time being and eventually return it to operational condition. 

The caboose needs work, but the work can be done and within our abilities.

Please consider donating to Help with this restoration:

"Project Screaming Eagle"

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