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LIRR Jordan Spreader
No. 437499 (W-93)





BUILT 10 - 48

Restoration of The Spreader 

It was decided in Late June of 2021 that it was time to address the issues with the windows on the Spreader.  Coming out of the pandemic gave us the motivation to continue on our successes we had in the years prior. We decided to set a crew up working on cleaning the dog house out and seeing what had to be done to address some water ingress by the windows. The best course of action was to take out the interior walls to get to the metal.  We removed the rotted wood window sill and lighting system installed by the LIRR some time in the 1960's. Upon completion of this, it was determined that we need to weld up and patch out the rot holes that had developed over the time the unit was laid up.  Once this is done we can begin the rebuilding a new window frame, and wall before putting the interior back together


RIGHT: You can see the window sill after we removed the interior panels to access the rotted out wood below. The wood frame work is not structural and easy to replace.


LEFT: The Interior of the North Side window before we took it apart. You can see how the bottom sill was all rotted out and the replacement window has failed.


LEFT: You can see the rot holes on the side wall at the window sill level. Note, the hole on the upper right was where a light fixture was mounted when it was installed by the LIRR. These lights will be reinstalled when the project is completed and the ingress points sealed.

Well, What are we planning on doing with this project? 

The plan is to address the rot under the existing windows and replace them with new windows that will better protect this piece from the weather. The lighting system will also be rebuilt so we can light it by night. We will then fully repaint the unit back in its as delivered black scheme and return it back to its original number.

For those interested, the wings were last operated in 2010 


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