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Summer 2020 Update

Continuing from the great 2019 season, The team at Twin Forks was determined to get going as soon as the spring weather improved in the new year. After a few changes and revisions due to the plague that beset us, the 2020 season finally began. Though we were delayed, 2020 was not a total loss. The team at Twin Forks was able to safely work and accomplish some of the work left over from last year. We finished painting the interiors of both former LIRR cabooses along with a few other touchups. The Lettering and Numbering decals have been applied to both C-63 and C-64 by Early September giving each car their individual identities back.

At the start of season we began to replace some the glazing using material we had on hand in storage allowing us to get natural light into both cabooses for the first time in over 30 years. Currently were in the process of restoring the 1970s era markers operational condition. Work will continue to complete both cabooses providing the weather holds out.

We're Pleased to Announce that we received a $4000.00 grant from the NRHS to begin Metal repair and a cosmetic restoration on our Former B&M American Flyer car #4590 To out Knowledge this is the only survivor of the class that is capable of being restored to operation. In the Latter half of the 2019 season we were able to replace several window panes and addressed the electrical system allowing us to light the car for the first time in several years.

Within the next two years we expect to complete the critical repairs to stabilize the car and will restore it to is Boston and Maine "Minute man red".

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