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LIRR N22B Cabooses

Summer 2020 Update:


Continuing from the great 2019 season,  The team at Twin Forks was determined to get going as soon as the spring weather improved in the new year.   After a few changes and revisions due to the plague that beset us, the 2020 season finally began.  Though we were delayed, 2020 was not a total loss. The team at Twin Forks was able to safely work and accomplish some of the work left over from last year.   We finished painting the interiors of both former LIRR cabooses along with a few other touchups.  The Lettering and Numbering decals have been applied to both C-63 and C-64 by Early September giving each car their individual identities back.

At the start of season we began to replace some the glazing using material we had on hand in storage allowing us to get natural light into both cabooses for the first time in over 30 years.

Currently were in the process of restoring the1970s era markers operational condition.

work will continue to complete both cabooses providing the weather holds out.


The day finally came to put the lettering on C-63 and C-64. A few volunteers went out and got it done!


We applied a "We serve with Pride" logo on C-64 because we thought it really fit with the Yellow and Blue. The saying around Twin Forks is that we "Preserve with Pride." 

Boston & Maine 4590

Summer 2020 Update:

We're Pleased to Announce that we received a $4000.00 grant from the NRHS to begin Metal repair and a cosmetic restoration on our Former B&M American Flyer car #4590 To out Knowledge this is the only survivor of the class that is capable of being restored to operation.    In the Latter half of the 2019 season we were able to replace several window panes and addressed the electrical system allowing us to light the car for the first time in several years.

Within the next two years we expect to complete the critical repairs to stabilize the car and will restore it to is Boston and Maine "Minute man red".



Spring 2021 Update:

The work that was needed on the south side of the car is just about done. The Southwestern trap was taken out and the steps taken down to allow us to rebuild the trap area. This particular set of steps was hanging off the car (Literally) by a few pieces of metal. With the trap area rebuilt, the steps were soon reattached and are the mort structurally sound they've been in years. The car also needed the bottom horizontal support beams replaced and parts of the bottom of the Vertical Support beams repaired. We expect to start reskinning the bottom of the south side of the car very soon!

20201213_134551 (1).jpg
20210124_154836 (1).jpg

Twin Forks is now on Instagram:

Over the past several weeks, we have been slowly expanding our Social Media presence! We now have an Instagram account. We are the Twin_Forks_Chapter and we post Weekly updates on the work we do in Riverhead yard, as well as the history of our equipment, Other activities our chapter partakes in, historical photos and more! Be sure to follow us on our new Instagram profile!

The Eagles have Landed:

On November 18th/19th 2021, The two Missouri Pacific Cabooses and P&LE Boxcar that were generously donated to us by Fisher Industries two years prior were moved to their new home in Riverhead Yard. With the help of the professional crews from Long Island Crane and Rapid Recovery, the three cars arrived safely and intact! It sure was a site to see when a move that many people considered by many to be "Impossible" and "Not worth it" actually happening. With the three cars finally moved to their safe new home, we can finally work on their restoration. The Boxcar will be used for storage and will be returned to its Jade Green paint scheme. As for the two cabooses, one will be returned to its as-rebuilt state (with a Radio, Walkover seats in the cupola, plywood interior, etc) and the other will be used to showcase the history of the Missouri Pacific using models, memerabilia, papers and more. With this huge step in our chapters own history complete, we look foreward to a very bright 2022. We expect to have more announcements about other big projects we are working on in the near future so stay tuned!

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Stay Tuned For Future Updates:

More To Come...

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